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News Release

Yurok Tribe

The Yurok Tribe and the Klamath Community Services District signed a permit to initiate the installation of a much-needed 125,000-gallon water tank on a tribally owned property in Klamath. Using a combination of general fund and Indian Health Service grant dollars, the tribe is funding the design and implementation of this forward-looking project, which will greatly improve Klamath Community Services District’s water storage capacity.

“We are happy to work with Klamath Community Services District on making our community more water secure,” said Joseph L. James, Chairman of the Yurok Tribe. “In addition to improving water security, the new tank will support the ongoing expansion of our tribe. Right now, we are in the middle of a major growth period. We are starting new businesses, creating jobs and building recreational facilities for all reservation residents. I would like to thank the Indian Health Service for investing in our community.”

“I am really excited about this project and what it means for our community,” added Yurok Tribal Council Member Ryan Ray, who represents the Requa District. “I look forward to working with Klamath Community Services District so that together we can ensure the water system has the capacity to meet the community’s needs now and in the future. We need a system that can support the growth of our community, especially when it comes to facilities like the emergency operation center. The signing of the agreement represents the first step toward the completion of this critically important project.”

Signed by Chairman James and Klamath Community Services District Board President Margaret Caldwell, the permit allows the services district to construct the new tank on tribal lands. The Klamath Community Services District will own and operate the system. The tribe has already completed the engineering work for the tank installation. The Yurok Planning and Community Development Department will soon distribute a request for bids, which will be used to select a contractor to implement the project.

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