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Yurok Tribe

On January 8, the Yurok Tribe donated $5,000 to the Klamath Fire Protection District, a volunteer organization with eight first responders serving southern Del Norte County and the downriver section of the Yurok Indian Reservation. Klamath Fire Protection District provides Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services to Klamath, Requa, Hunter Creek, Klamath Glen and the surrounding area from mile marker 16 to the Humboldt County line. There are three Stations: Station 33 is in the Klamath Glen at 360 Terwer Riffle Rd, Station 34 is located at 104 Redwood Drive and Station 35, is the Hunter Creek Station at 19 Weber Drive.

“I just want to say thank you to the Yurok Tribe and let you know that the money will go towards much needed supplies, repairs, and help address some of our very important needs that have been unaddressed. The Klamath Fire Protection District in equipment, has one water tank, two fire trucks, and one medical vehicle. So of course, donations are more than welcome, as we are under-funded for all the needs we have in this community,” said Michelle Santsche. “Klamath Fire Protection District is excited to see the Yurok Tribal Council take this initiative, and first step to support this volunteer organization in Klamath. We see this as the beginning of a new relationship between our organization and the Yurok Tribe.”

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Yurok Tribe Councilmember Ryan Ray said, “I hope the donation helps the Klamath Fire Protection District as they continue to provide vital services to our people.” Ray added, “They are volunteers who work hard and are on call day and night. First responders are there when we need them the most, so their continued success is very important to our rural communities.”

Klamath Fire Protection District is seeking both volunteers and donations, and does try to cover all training costs. The trainings and meetings are held every Tuesday night at 6 p.m. at the Command Center at 16081 Hwy 101, across from camp Marigold.

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