Youth protection investigation of CIUSSS of West-Island-of-l'Île-de-Montréal

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Concerns for treatment of Inuit young people: forbbidden to speak their language and no access to Social Services

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Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse, Quebec
The Commission on Human Rights and Youth Rights, Quebec

Considering the nature of the information brought to its attention, the Commission on Human Rights and Youth Rights has initiated an inquiry on its own initiative concerning youth protection services for Inuit young people who are hosted by the CIUSSS of West-Island-of-Montréal.

The information received by the Commission includes the use of the Inuktitut language. Sheltered youth could not communicate with each other in their language, and some young people would have been retaliated for speaking in Inuktitut. In addition, following their transfer from Nunavik to the Montréal area, no social worker would be assigned to young people upon their arrival, under the pretext that they are still under the direction of the Director of Youth Protection (DPJ) of Nunavik. The latter would not in fact ensure social follow-up and the responsibilities assigned to it in the Youth Protection Act.

Since the Commission has reason to believe that the rights of these young people may have been harmed within the meaning of the Youth Protection Act, it is conducting an inquiry. Its purpose is to verify whether the rights of these young people have been respected and, if necessary, to have the situation corrected.

It should be noted that the Commission will not comment during the investigation.

The Commission on Human Rights and Youth Rights ensures the respect and promotion of the principles set out in the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. It also ensures the protection of the child's interests, as well as the respect and promotion of the rights that are recognized by the Youth Protection Act. It also oversees the application of the Act respecting equal access to employment in public bodies.


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