Yakama Nation Chairman on Covington Catholic boys' hatred towards Native elder

Yakama Nation Chairman JoDe Goudy. The Yakama Nation stands with Nathan Phillips. 'For the young people involved to be so bold and blatant with actions that promote hate and fuel ignorance reminds us all of the great challenge that knows no boundaries of race or origin,' says Goudy. Photo by Nancy Bleck — with JoDe Goudy at Sacred Stone Camp; courtesy JoDe Goudy Facebook Page

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Chairman JoDe Goudy: Covington Catholic School boys' actions towards Nathan Phillips were distasteful and dangerous

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Office of Yakama Nation Chairman JoDe Goudy

Yakama Nation along with the rest of the world has observed the shameful actions and behaviors of the school children from Covington Catholic School. Their actions were not only distasteful but dangerous.

For the young people involved to be so bold and blatant with actions that promote hate and fuel ignorance reminds us all of the great challenge that knows no boundaries of race or origin. That we must guide and raise the next generations to conduct themselves in a manner that promotes the opposite of this unfortunate event, peace, prayer, tolerance, patience should have ruled the day. It is as though the very thing wrong with the current condition of the United States showed us its spirit.

Fortunately, Elder Nathan Phillips and the others that were verbally accosted were able to remain peaceful and resilient. The boys from Covington are themselves victims, victims to the Doctrine of Discovery and it’s teachings. Teachings of domination, dehumanization, socially unjust, racist, and in violation of basic and fundamental human rights. It should be of no surprise to the United States or the Catholic Church that if both are not ready to rescind and denounce the Doctrine of Cristian Discovery and move away from Its dark teachings, the hatred and intolerance will continue.

Yakama Nation stands with Elder Phillips.

We call on Covington Catholic School to do what is right. This is a very teachable moment in our history. If we choose to learn from the resilience that Elder Phillips showed it will make us all stronger as Nations and Peoples.

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Brad Shusterman
Brad Shusterman

Mr Phillips, thank you for your service, and for teaching us how to behave when being confronted by ignorance.


I would hope that the school will use this as an opportunity to teach their students of the sacredness of all life and reprimand them for their poor use of an opportunity to support the indigeonous peoples, who suffered genocide from the same disrespect of life the students were allegedly protesting. It looks to me that they were just interested in a chance to slip the binds of school, and party in DC and couldn't care less about the right to life. Elder Philips, your demeanor and decorum may well save those youth from entering adult life with the smug and ambivilant attitudes they displayed in your presence. I hope that they will reflect upon that. You sir bring honor and respect to your people and all people by your actions. May we all learn how to be true human beings and change our world for the better. Adadoligi ( Blessings )

Cali brave
Cali brave

As things change, they stay the same? A new world human being or real American aka native American, trying difuse the hate, superiority complex, and vile ignorance of both "white" and "black" old world people or fake Americans...in a sense, these fake Americans souls have been captured by old world forces that sow division, hate and greed! Hopefully one day these fake Americans become a real American and fight agaisnt the invasion of 1492 and formal occupation of 1776 and fight along side the true Americans! As long as we have "reservations" and "detention centers" for the true Americans , the 525 year war of world's (old vs new, in a spiritual sense)starting in 1492 and formalized in 1776 is on going!

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