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News Release

The Mountain Pact

In response to the United States District Court for the District of Montana’s ruling that enjoins William Perry Pendley from exercising authority of Director of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Interior Secretary David Bernhardt from unlawfully delegating the authority of the Bureau of Land Management director, The Mountain Pact Executive Director, Anna Peterson, gave the following statement:

“We are thrilled by the federal court ruling that William Perry Pendley can no longer serve as Acting Director of the Bureau of Land Management. For over a year, Pendley, a climate change denier, has limited local input while ignoring science and experts in regard to decisions about our public lands. While mountain communities struggle to navigate the effects of the pandemic, he prioritized bailing out fossil fuel CEOs, gave the oil and gas industry special treatment and the opportunity to pollute without accountability all while expediting requests from companies to reduce what they pay to drill on our public lands. An anti-public lands zealot who has spent his life’s work trying to dismantle our public lands has no business overseeing our nation’s precious natural resources. We’re thankful our country’s public lands, waters, and air won today.”

“Pendley’s continuing re-appointments, along with his nomination and then the withdrawal of his nomination, have shown what a complete circus the Trump administration, the Department of Interior, and David Bernhardt are. This ruling pulls back the curtain on how little this administration cares for the rule of law. We are thankful the court has ruled in favor of justice and acknowledged that the Trump administration blatantly circumvented the Senate’s constitutional advice and consent role in confirming high-level nominees and violated the Federal Vacancies Reform Act and the U.S. Constitution.”

About The Mountain Pact

Founded in 2014, The Mountain Pact mobilizes local elected officials in over 75 Western mountain communities with outdoor recreation based economies to speak with a collective voice on federal climate, public lands, and outdoor recreation policy.

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