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News Release

Western Native Voice 

During the 2021 Montana legislative session, HB 176 was passed, removing Election Day Voter Registration (EDR), which previously allowed voters to register and vote on election day. 

Yesterday, the Montana Supreme Court upheld two temporary injunctions relating to SB 169 and HB 176 after the injunctions were previously lifted. The Supreme Court held the District Court’s preliminary injunction was not an abuse of discretion.

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“Western Native Voice believes that any additional voting barriers purposely imposed on Montanans are unnecessary and create additional hurdles to voting, especially in Native American communities. While we still have a ways to go in eliminating all voting barriers, we are happy that same day voter registration will be available for this election,” said Western Native Voice Executive Director, Ronnie Jo Horse.

“Today’s ruling by the Montana Supreme Court is a positive step in the fight for equal rights for Native Americans. While this law would have disproportionately affected Native Americans in Montana, today is a win for all Montana voters. Democracy functions best when more people get to participate and allowing more time for voters to participate means a more representative democracy for all of Montana,” said Western Native Voice Political Director, Keaton Sunchild.

About Western Native Voice

Western Native Voice is a non-profit, non-partisan social justice organization working to inspire Native leadership through community organizing, education, leadership, and advocacy. With 7% of Montana’s population being Native American living almost evenly split between reservation and urban areas, Western Native Voice organizes in rural and urban communities using a culturally tailored community organizing and citizen education model to build Native leadership. 

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