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News Release

Western Native Voice

On Tuesday afternoon the Montana Supreme Court "stayed" the preliminary injunction as it relates to HB 176 (Election Day Registration). Western Native Voice has had their largest voter registration day with Native Americans in Montana on election day with same day voter registration in the past years.

“Western Native Voice is creating a “drop everything” emergency plan to get Native Americans in Montana registered to vote for the 2022 primary election. We are currently planning for all staff and organizers to knock doors and table on all seven reservations in the coming two weeks before June 7th. In the meantime, we’ll keep marching forward towards the preliminary injunction trial date in District Court,” said Western Native Voice Executive Director, Ronnie Jo Horse

About Western Native Voice

Western Native Voice is a non-profit, non-partisan social justice organization working to inspire Native leadership through community organizing, education, leadership, and advocacy. With seven percent of Montana’s population being Native American living almost evenly split between reservation and urban areas, Western Native Voice organizes in rural and urban communities using a culturally tailored community organizing and citizen education model to build Native leadership. 

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