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News Release

Office of Representative Sharice Davids (D-KS-03)

Today, Representative Sharice Davids (KS-03) questioned Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg during the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee hearing “The Boeing 737 MAX: Examining the Design, Development, and Marketing of the Aircraft.”

In her questioning, Davids pressed Muilenburg on his company’s decision to minimize pilot training requirements for the 737 MAX.

“Mr. Muilenburg, the push across Boeing to limit costly pilot training requirements on the MAX, despite the company’s commitment to safety and pilot training, is clear from the questions we’ve heard today, the slides we’ve heard and [the slides] up here right now. Now is your chance to provide clarity on how you mesh all of this information with your continued statements about commitment to safety,” Davids said.

Davids also was able to get Muilenburg to commit to extending the deadline for the families of the 346 victims of the two 737 MAX crashes to file a claim for the Boeing compensation fund.

Video of Davids’ questioning can be viewed below.