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News Release

Utah Diné Bikéyah

Please join us in supporting SLC Air Protector’s third annual Running as Medicine Prayer Run May 10-14, 2022. We will begin our 360-mile journey at Bears Ears National Monument and finish at Warm Springs Park in Salt Lake City, Utah. Both areas hold special spiritual significance for several of Utah’s tribes and we are honored to start and end our journey on these sacred lands. Each year, ten runners are selected and chosen to participate in this sacred journey.

This year’s theme, “Healing Our Mother — Healing Ourselves” refocuses attention to OUR Mother. We look forward to the discussion and visions it will bring as we look toward healing our relationships with Mother Earth, each other, and ourselves.

As we begin this adventure, join us in healing together. There are many ways to support our prayer run. You can donate money or supplies, volunteer, or even run virtually wherever you are.

Running is a prayer. We use our feet to pray to Mother Earth. We breathe in father sky. Running is a celebration of life. And running is a teacher. Running helps us get through the hardships, and helps us get through any troubles we might be facing. And ultimately, running makes us the person we want to be.”

— Quote from 3100: Run and Become

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