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The United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service Division, as well as global hemp leader, Dun Agro Hemp Group are among two of the Featured Speakers of the 2021 Tribal Green Symposium, May 25-26, 2021 held on the Rincon Indian Reservation. 

Tribal leaders, regulators and directors will be convening next month at Harrahs Resort and Casino on the Rincon Indian Reservation for a two-day Symposium focused on Tribal Economic Development. William Richmond and Fiona Pexton from the United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service Division are joining us to share on the Final Rule for Hemp Production and provide an update on Tribal Hemp Plans.

In addition to United States Department of Agriculture, regulatory components, tribal commerce, banking options and program implementation, the Symposium is very pleased to be announcing participation from Dun Agro Hemp Group, located in Oude Pekala, Netherlands. Albert Dun, CEO and President of Dun Agro Hemp Group, will be sharing his long journey with hemp and how his company has played a significant role in building the hemp market across industry segments on a global level.

The Tribal Green Symposium is a one of a kind event tailored specifically for tribal leaders and decision makers. The hosts of the Tribal Green Symposium are thrilled to be having this 4th Annual event. Last year's event had 40 tribes representing 17 States in attendance. The Symposium is a unique gathering, focused on exercising tribal sovereignty through informed decision making, resulting in strengthened tribal commerce.

“There are many common threads for Nation-building through tribal economic development — be it through gaming, energy, or in our case, hemp and cannabis, the Symposium was developed to help Indian Country find those efficiencies and work towards entering and navigating through the new ‘Green’ economy,” says La Vonne Peck, former Chairwoman of the La Jolla Band of Luiseño Indians and Partner at Native Network Consulting, organizer of the event.

“We are thrilled to host an event that includes the United States Department of Agriculture and Dun Agro Hemp Group,” says Peck; “The quality of speakers at our Symposium is strengthened each year as we all continue to grow in this industry. We have more tribal participation this year and are seeing many more tribes getting comfortable looking at hemp and cannabis. As we move towards potential federal legalization of marijuana, tribes should be clear how they can move ahead in developing businesses in these industries.”

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