Two Spirit Nation rejects Supreme Court decision, citing sovereignty rights

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Two Spirit advocates work to empower tribal nations to protect their own Two Spirit family and friends

Two Spirit Nation

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Two Spirit advocates work to empower tribal nations to protect their own Two Spirit family and friends through tribal sovereignty rights

Monday the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 in favor of a Colorado bakery's discrimination against LGBTQ2s couples, citing an exemption due to religious freedom. This is one of many attacks against the Two Spirit community who stays resilient in the face of racism, homophobia, and transphobia every day.

There are over 580 recognized tribes in the continental US, each with their very own rules and regulations that govern tribal communities based on cultural protocol and tradition that dates prior to first contact, beyond over five hundred years. With the resilience of their ancestors Two Spirit people face this news like many of the colonized way in which they continue to face attacks.

Two Spirit is a term that was coined in the 90s as an umbrella term to describe the cultural role and blessing of Two Spirited people that possess both the masculine and feminine perspectives amongst Indigenous cultures of Turtle Island (Canada, North America & Mexico). They were honored as healers, leaders, mediators, liaisons, foster parents, warriors and vessels. In 2016, we most recently reclaimed a strong and leading presence at Oceti Sakowin (Standing Rock), as Two Spirit Warriors amongst our water protectors.siblings.

“It’s not right” Says Henry/Helina Brings Plenty, a Two Spirit youth, Oglala Lakota Sioux/Northern Cheyenne/Azetca Mexica “At their wedding, everyone should deserve a chance to feel special on a day they want to feel special -- regardless if they are gay or straight “

“It is our youth that is the destination for our liberation, and we must show them how these laws are colonized” Says Court Morse, Two Spirit Nation Field Director. “They are watching us to see how we must stay resilient”

“It is time for allies, Indigenous politicians and tribal leaders to utilize their sovereign voices and protect, as well as celebrate our Two Spirit people with intent, because that’s what it means to decolonize," said Candi Brings Plenty, Leader of Two Spirit Nation. "We are here to protect the sacred, gift our medicine, and to be welcomed back into our communities, which need to be safer for us than it is under the colonizers influenceandat the level of supreme court’s decisions. Because we are fully aware that this system was only intended to empower the cis-strait colonizer.”

The Two Spirit Nation will continue to move forward in their advocacy for all Two Spirit people. This summer Candi will be traveling to ceremonies all over the country to empower Two Spirit voices and sit with both elders and youth to protect their wisdom and make ready for our future.

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