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Zenith Maritime

Members of the Tulalip Tribal Fish and Wildlife Enforcement spent two months in preparation to become qualified as 100 ton Coast Guard Masters (Captains.) They also qualified for an endorsement in Commercial Assistance Towing.

Instructing the course was Zenith Maritime's Director of Operations, Captain Richard Rodriguez. He stated, "It was a pleasure to work with a dedicated group of mariners who will bring a new degree of professionalism to their work.”

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Captain Rodriguez has certified over 1200 mariners as Captains in Western Washington in the last 15 years. Rodriguez has worked as a primary Assistance Towing captain in the San Juan Islands since 2003.

Zenith Maritime trains mariners to become Captains across the United States. Zenith graduates operate vessels up to 200' across the country and received their licenses through our approved training as an alternative to stressful Coast Guard Examinations

You can find out more about Captain's Licensing by contacting Captain Rodriguez at or 360-531-0698.