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The Tribal Leaders Coronavirus Strategic Response Virtual Summit announced special keynote speakers and moderators for the event scheduled October 1-2.

During an interview, Sean McCabe, CPA, told Rainmaker Media Group that Gary “Litefoot” Davis, Notah Begay III, and other distinguished medical and economic professionals will be participating in the virtual summit.

“We are humbled to announce that Notah will be on with us, as a moderator and opening keynote. Notah and I go way back to when we were kids,” said McCabe.

“We have always collaborated when it comes to the health of our Native people, specifically through his foundation ... He’s always been in the fight against Type-2 Diabetes and childhood obesity.”

“We’ll have Gary Davis with us, who has a long track record of business in Indian Country, through his own entrepreneurial efforts with Native Business Magazine, Litefoot Enterprises, and his roles at NCAIED and NAFSA.”

McCabe said, “It’s just another level that Native America can learn from, as they bring a lot of experience and wisdom to the table.”

Tribal Leaders Coronavirus Strategic Response Virtual Summit is set for October 1-2, 2020.

Tribal Leaders Coronavirus Strategic Response Virtual Summit is set for October 1-2, 2020.

Notah Begay III (Navajo), is a professional golfer, one of the only Native American golfers to have played on the PGA Tour.

He said in a statement, "Sean McCabe and I share a passion and we have partnered on many initiatives to promote active families and healthy communities with a focus on holistic prevention.”

“The Coronavirus Strategic Response Virtual Summit will provide critical information to Tribal leaders that will further clarify their strategic path regarding the physical and mental health of our people.”

Begay added, “It is a privilege to stand alongside Mr. McCabe as his team to move forward with the mission of improving the comprehensive wellness of Tribal communities."

Gary “Litefoot” Davis (Cherokee Nation) is CEO of Davis Strategy Group and a member of the Forbes Finance Council.

He said in a statement, "I am honored to participate as a host of the Tribal Leaders Coronavirus Strategic Response Virtual Summit, which will importantly provide COVID-19 and CARES Act information to tribal leaders.”

“During these unprecedented times, it is especially important for tribal leaders to come together with medical and industry professionals to discuss the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on Indian Country.”

Davis added, “I look forward to participating in this virtual summit and applaud McCabe Consulting for their efforts to address Tribal concerns from medical, compliance and accounting perspectives."

In addition to these notable personalities, the summit will feature distinguished medical professionals working in Indian Country, including psychiatrist Dale Walker, M.D. (Cherokee Nation), cardiologist Mark Bieniarz, M.D., and pediatric infectious disease specialist Martha Muller, M.D.

The latest agenda and registration information is available at

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