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Tribal Communications, LLC

Tribal Communications (TC), LLC, launches an online broadband speed testing tool that gives tribes more access and control of the empirical data necessary to measure service availability and speed levels in tribal communities accurately. The Tribal Communications Community Broadband Kit was developed in partnership with (Ready) as a critical resource for gathering empirical proof to demonstrate the dire need for expanded broadband service in the unserved and underserved areas within Indian Country.

The broadband kit launch comes at a critical moment as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is compiling a new broadband map of served, underserved and unserved areas in the USA — also called the “Fabric.” Existing Internet Service Providers (ISP) provide the data that informs the Fabric. Still, it is widely known that ISP reporting is generally inaccurate and misrepresents service availability for most underserved and unserved areas. This is especially true for Indian Country, which faces the most significant digital divide in the country.

“Given what we know about the Fabric from publicly disclosed and published information, we see flawed data structure and systemic barriers that perpetuate the digital divide and leave Indian Country behind,” states Joe Valandra (Sicangu Lakota), Senior Vice President of Tribal Communications. “While there are limited options to challenging the FCC on this issue, I believe the best course of action for Indian Country is to focus on creating data and guidelines to help states design fair and inclusive challenge processes. This would include speed testing at its core.”

The Tribal Community Broadband Kit will immediately allow tribes to establish their empirical connectivity data and profiles. In addition to the Broadband Kit, the partners have developed an online Tribal Broadband Community on as a platform for sharing information, communication, and resource for tribes.

“Our partnership with Tribal Communications is rooted in the belief that tribes should have access to critical data and resources to close the digital divide,” said Ready’s Co-Founder and CEO, Jase Wilson. “Reliable broadband access can be transformative for Indian Country. We’re excited to launch the Tribal Community Toolkit to help tribes create the empirical data that will help them win their fair share of broadband resources.”

As unprecedented federal funding is deployed across the country, Tribal Communications and Ready are committed to championing tribal sovereignty, self-determination, and economic independence by creating robust tribally-owned and operated broadband services.

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The partnership is focused on developing and expanding expertise, technology, partners, and opportunities to expand broadband services, network infrastructure, and digital equity in partnership with tribes. Ready helps broadband professionals connect more people to better services through its cloud-based software and data tools. In addition to its expertise in broadband and planning services, Tribal Communications brings decades of leadership, economic development, and tribal relations experience.

Tribal Communications’ leadership has been a leading voice and advocate in D.C. and throughout Indian Country. They are working with tribes and states throughout the country to navigate policy, funding, and the unique challenges that come with expanding broadband services and infrastructure.

Tribal Communications and Ready are committed partners dedicated to closing the digital divide throughout Indian Country.

About Tribal Communications, LLC

Tribal Communications champions tribal sovereignty, self-determination, and economic independence by creating tribally owned and operated broadband & wireless services. Our mission is to provide world-class consulting services to tribal nations, entities, and enterprises to help solve the unique challenges of bringing high-speed broadband and wireless services to all of Indian Country. Our vision is to help create digitally connected tribal communities with limitless opportunities that will strengthen the economic sovereignty of Indian Country.

About, Inc./

Ready makes cloud-based software and data tools built from the ground up to help local broadband providers and local community’s win. Ready makes it easy for local ISPs to acquire, retain, and monetize subscribers. Cross-sell premium digital services, like telemedicine and streaming services. Run promotional campaigns. Reward loyal subscribers. Finance network growth.

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