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Tony Enos

“Out” pop icon Tony Enos celebrates his 10 year anniversary in the music industry as a singer/songwriter/producer/entertainer with the release of his compilation album “10,” now available on iTunes and everywhere.

The album spans the Two-Spirit artist’s impressive decade-long catalogue, with his top 10 most downloaded and streamed songs. 

“I wanted to put the songs that people seem to enjoy the most together on one album,” says the Cherokee entertainer.  

“It’s my way of saying thank you for hanging in there with me for the past 10 years.” 

From “Hot Knife Through Butter” — Enos’ 2012 breakthrough hit — to his 2015 signature #1 song “Two Spirit,” they’re all there, beautifully digitally remaster in their entirety, and with a few surprises. 

Tony Enos

Two-Spirit Cherokee pop icon Tony Enos is celebrating his 10 year anniversary in the music industry as a singer/songwriter/producer/entertainer.

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“10” also features two brand new songs recorded specifically for the album. “Baby Do,” an upbeat throwback to Enos’ hip-hop beginnings, and a poignant dance anthem entitled “Sovereign Spirit.” The song closes the album, serving as a doorway into what’s next for the Philly born performer, activist, and community educator who announced this morning on his social media that he’ll be embarking on the “Sovereign Spirit Tour 2019.” It will be Enos’ first national headlining tour in seven years. 

Not without controversy is the “10” album’s striking cover with Enos posing nude, covered only by gold banner. The toned-down version had to be created after Enos' distributor asked twice for the cover to be redesigned. The original cover showed Enos covered only by a vinyl record. In a similar vein are the album promos and the upcoming tour’s official poster and subsequent press photos.  

“My body is part of my resistance. People have been using their bodies in protest for years, whether laying in front of buses and police, or locking arms and making human chains,” says the Broadway actor who just turned 35 on July 30th — the same day of the album’s release.

“Nudity has become my way of saying 'I refuse to entertain your thoughts on what I should look like, or to adorn the fashions reflective of the gender expressions or institutionalized identities that you think I should embody," Enos continued. "I’m my own blank canvas, and its attributes are determined by me and me alone.”

Words that are on par with Enos’ repertoire of teachings, and the recurring messages of self-worth, healing, and universal love in his music.

“The song ‘Sovereign Spirit’ talks about exercising the right to conduct your spirit as an individual, independent of group consciousness, while guarding it from the toxic energy of others and that the world can sometimes project at us,” the Native American Music Award Nominee says. "We are all connected to each other, and to Universal Intelligence/Creator. Living in a way where we’re conscious of that, and pouring love into our own spirits so that we have love to give to others is a huge part of spiritual sovereignty.” 

Tony Enos Sovereign Spirit Tour 2019

Tony Enos will be crossing the nation this year and into next.with his "Sovereign Spirit" Tour.

Catch Tony Enos’ “Sovereign Spirit Tour 2019” when it comes to your town this year and in 2020, and don't miss out when Tony Enos opens the United States Conference on AIDS (USCA) in Washington, DC. 

For information and tickets visit