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News Release

United Tribes of Bristol Bay

News on September 23rd of a change of leadership at the Pebble Limited Partnership does nothing to change the company's deceitful and corrupt dealings, and influence on the project's advancement in the State and Federal arenas.

United Tribes of Bristol Bay Executive Director Alannah Hurley made the following statement:

"Tom Collier's resignation from the Pebble Limited Partnership does not address any of the real issues with the Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay. His resignation is the Pebble Limited Partnership trying to dodge responsibility for the corrupt permitting process it orchestrated. Mr. Collier should not be allowed to be the scapegoat. His resignation does nothing to address the deep-seated flaws and issues with the Pebble Mine’s rigged permitting processes and political influence. Mr. Collier's resignation does not wipe the slate clean. The entire permitting process needs to be halted immediately and investigations into what took place during Mr. Collier’s leadership of PLP need to occur."

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