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News Release

United Tribes Technical College

Statement of United Tribes Technical College President Leander McDonald:

“United Tribes Technical College sends condolences to the family of David M. Gipp on his passing today, September 11, 2020. The prayers of many students and staff, friends and colleagues accompany him as he makes his journey to the Spirit World.

David Gipp devoted his entire adult life to serve Native People, using his vision and activism to address injustice and improve the acceptance of Native People in the modern world. As the United Tribes Technical College president and as a leader for the tribal college movement, he helped thousands of students pursue education and training to uplift their lives and those of their families and communities.

His influence at the college lives on in the many educational and inter-tribal programs he initiated and promoted.

David Gipp will always be remembered and honored at United Tribes as one who was dedicated to the advancement and success of others.”

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