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President Joe Biden's announcement of a plan to provide “student loan relief to more than 40 million people, [is] a move supporters hope will have life-changing ramifications for borrowers, particularly women, who hold two-thirds of student loan debt, and women of color, whose loan debt is highest,” reports Nandra Little of The 19th.

“Student debt blocks Americans from achieving the American dream of prosperity” said Maya Wiley, president and CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. “For too many — especially borrowers of color and Black women — student debt makes it hard to get ahead and make ends meet. It can also make it more difficult to get a home mortgage or loans to start a business, both of which reduce wealth-building opportunities and contributions to the economy.”

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Supporters of student loan relief hope, “that it will help end generational cycles of poverty among marginalized students who attended college in hopes of entering the middle class, only to be saddled with years of student debt.”

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The 19th: Women — particularly women of color — stand to benefit most from Biden’s student loan relief plan
[Nadra Nittle, 08/24/2022]

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