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Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s Fiscal Year 2021 Budget includes investments to increase access to mental health resources and prevent suicide

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With suicide emerging as a serious public health issue both nationally and in the state, the Arizona Department of Health Services established the Suicide Action Prevention Plan to combat suicide and save lives. Overall, the plan includes three main goals:

  • Improve the mental health of individuals and communities;
  • Collect new data to monitor suicide in Arizona and identify the most affected demographic groups; 
  • And ensure treatment and support services are available to clinicians, communities, families and survivors.
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Additionally, Senator Kate Brophy McGee introduced S.B. 1523 and Representative Jeff Weninger introduced H.B. 2764, legislation to require health care insurers to provide mental health services and benefits without additional barriers — just like they would with an annual physical.

The legislation establishes the Suicide Mortality Review Team, a component of the Suicide Prevention Action Plan. The team will be made up of a variety of community members, including tribal representatives, the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the Arizona Department of Health Services and more. The Governor’s balanced budget invests $400,000 to establish Suicide Mortality Review Team.

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