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New Mexico Department of Health

The New Mexico Department of Health on Friday reiterated the importance of wearing a properly-fitting facial covering while in public.

“A mask prevents water droplets from escaping, so it needs to fit snugly around your nose, mouth, and cheeks,” said DOH Secretary-Designate Dr. Tracie Collins. “If your mask doesn’t fit well, use a paper mask underneath your cloth mask.”

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Wearing a second, paper mask may provide additional protection from COVID-19 and variants. Adding a fitter to your cloth mask — elastic fabric connected to the cloth mask on the sides—can also help ensure a seal.

“Masks work best when we use them properly,” said Dr. Collins. “A well-fitting mask — or a double mask with paper underneath and cloth on top — is essential and can make the difference between exposure and non-exposure to the COVID-19 virus and its variants.”

A video tutorial on how to craft your own face mask from items around the house may be found here.

For additional information about properly-worn masks and mask options, please visit the CDC website:

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