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After centuries of being marginalized within legal academia and the legal field more broadly, tribal law is finally having its moment at Stanford Law. In March, Stanford Law Review published Professor Elizabeth Reese’s The Other American Law, a groundbreaking article that calls for the situation of tribal law within the mainstream study of American law and legal systems. And in April, Stanford Law School announced the hiring of Professor Reese as an assistant professor of law and its first-ever Native American faculty member. Come join Stanford NALSA as we hear from Professor Reese and an esteemed panel of legal scholars on the significance of Professor Reese’s tribal law scholarship and her historic hiring!


  • Matthew L.M. Fletcher, Professor of Law & Director of the Indigenous Law & Policy Center, Michigan State University College of Law
  • K-Sue Park, Associate Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center
  • Angela Riley, Professor of Law & Director of the Native Nations Law & Policy Center, UCLA School of Law

Moderator: Greg Ablavsky, Associate Professor of Law, Stanford Law School

May 11

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm PT
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Tribal law scholar joins Stanford Law faculty