Sitnasuak 46th Annual Meeting a success

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Sitnasuak Native Corporation shareholders gathered in Nome, Alaska to celebrate the Corporation’s successes, hear reports, share questions or comments, and vote on three board of directors

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Sitnasuak Native Corporation

The Sitnasuak Native Corporation (SNC) 46th annual meeting was a success and completed in Nome on November 9, 2019. Shareholders gathered in Nome to celebrate the Corporation’s successes, hear reports, share questions or comments, and vote on three board of directors.

The Inspector of Elections reported a quorum with 51% of shares represented. After the close of balloting, the Inspector of Elections reported the following three shareholders were elected to the board of directors with terms serving through the 49th annual meeting:

  • Becka Baker
  • Louie Green, Jr.
  • Charles (Buzz) Fagerstrom

The annual meeting opened with breakfast and subsidiary information tables sharing updates from Sitnasuak’s family of businesses. A blend of dancers and drummers from the Ugiuvak, Teller and Nome St. Lawrence Island groups shared traditional songs and dance. Mr. Bobby Bahnke, Sr. was recognized as the 2019 Elder of the Year for Sitnasuak Native Corporation. 

Mr. Richard Strutz, Interim President and CEO, provided a management report that highlighted the subsidiary updates and major accomplishments during 2019, as well as shareholder benefits including dividends and shareholder discounts with Sitnasuak Native Corporation businesses. Mr. Humberto Zacapa, CEO of Sitnasuak Native Corporation Technical Services, LLC, presented a video on the operations based in Puerto Rico and reported on the significant growth of the businesses with total sales of $120 million so far in 2019. Overall Sitnasuak is continuing to strategically grow that supports valuable benefits with shareholders and the community.

Dr. Barb Qasuġlana Amarok continues as chair of the board of directors and shared, “The Corporation continues to perform well. The board and management team look forward to addressing shareholder messages, carrying out our strategic plan, and improving opportunities for shareholders.”

About Sitnasuak Native Corporation

Sitnasuak Native Corporation is one of the Alaska Native village corporations created in 1971 under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA). Sitnasuak Native Corporation is headquartered in Nome, Alaska, with operations in Alaska (Nome, Anchorage, Wasilla and Fairbanks), California, Virginia and Puerto Rico. Today, Sitnasuak Native Corporation is the largest of 16 village corporations in the Bering Straits region, with over $133 million in annual revenues. Sitnasuak Native Corporation is owned by almost 2,900 Alaska Native shareholders. 

Sitnasuak Native Corporation's family of businesses and brands include:

  • Fidelity Title Agency of Alaska, LLC
  • Mat-Su Title Agency, LLC
  • Bonanza Fuel, LLC
  • Bonanza Express
  • Nanuaq, LLC
  • Mocean, LLC
  • SNC Technical Services, LLC
  • SNC Manufacturing, LLC
  • Aurora Industries, LLC
  • Sitnasuak Applied Technologies, LLC

For additional information on Sitnasuak Native Corporation as well as our business products and services, please visit our website at or like our Facebook page at

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