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Dr. LaNada War Jack

Dr. LaNada War Jack will be interviewed live at 3:30 p.m. PST and 4:30 p.m. MST today to release a documentary video commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Native Occupation on Alcatraz Island titled “Escape to Alcatraz.” Dr. War Jack is from the Shoshone Bannocks Tribes, Fort Hall, Idaho and was a student leader at University of California, Berkeley. Jointly with Richard Oakes of San Francisco State University, they took over the island with students across California college campuses to protest violation of treaties between the U.S. Government and Indian tribes across the nation.

The students further protested the ill- conceived legislation against Indian tribes and injustices throughout Indian Country among which denied their religious freedoms, languages and created a cycle of dysfunction due to the forced assimilation into government and Christian boarding schools. Their actions brought attention to the American Indian issues whereby President Nixon immediately signed an Executive Order ending the Termination Policy PL280 turning an Era of Termination into an Era of Self Determination. Nixon further increased funding for the Indian Health Service and Bureau of Indian Affairs while creating 50 more bills to support Native people. Dr. War Jack, author recently released a book titled “Native Resistance: An Intergenerational Fight For Survival and Life”. This documents the details and other historical events from an Indigenous perspective that has been passed down orally through the generations. This book can be purchased at

Released on Hulu June 17, 2021. You can watch the interview live at: 

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