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News Release

Barona Band of Mission Indians

Faculty, staff and students at Sequoia Elementary School were recently awarded with a $5,000 education grant from the Barona Band of Mission Indians.

The Sequoia Elementary School, located in the Clairemont neighborhood of the San Diego Unified School District, is transitioning to a Visual and Performing Art School (VAPA) to provide their students with opportunities to explore their creative interests in Art, Dance, Music, and Theater. The Barona grant will be used to provide art materials and supplies for a classroom dedicated to this program.

"In a world that is becoming more and more technologically complex and structured, art programs are often put on the back burner or worse, cut from the budget," said Edwin "Thorpe" Romero, Chairman of the Barona Band of Mission Indians. "The ability to be creative is a valuable asset in a competitive world and we are proud to support Sequoia Elementary in their effort to provide their students the opportunity to explore their creative interests."

California State Assemblyman Brian Maienschein sponsored the elementary school for the Barona Education Grant and presented the $5,000 check to Principal Ryan Kissel, faculty and students.

"I would like to thank Barona for their continued support to the community of San Diego," said Assemblyman Maienschein. "I am pleased that Sequoia Elementary School was awarded grant funds to update the school's Art Program with the purchase of the Art Corp Package for the 2019-20 school year."

Since the Barona Education Grant program was launched in 2006, Barona has awarded over $3.6 million to California schools statewide. The program has equipped 729 schools with hundreds of computers, thousands of books, iPads, computer software programs and various other technologies and school supplies. Applications can be downloaded at