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Seneca Party 

The Seneca Party has selected a full slate of candidates for the upcoming Seneca Nation elections in November. Following today’s party caucus, Rickey Armstrong, Sr., a two-time President and current Seneca Nation Treasurer, was chosen to lead the Seneca Party ticket as the candidate for President.

“The next administration will serve one of the most important terms in the Seneca Nation’s recent history,” Armstrong said. “From our gaming Compact and Seneca economy to addressing and improving important quality of life issues on our territories, the Seneca people need true leadership on the issues that will reshape our Nation for years to come. I’m honored that our Seneca Party members have given me their confidence and support to be our candidate for President at this important time.”

Armstrong served as President from 2002-2004, when the Nation opened its first two gaming operations — Seneca Niagara Casino in 2002 and Seneca Allegany Casino in 2004 — and from 2018-2020, leading the Nation through the first several months of the coronavirus pandemic, He has served as Seneca Nation Treasurer since 2020, and has also served multiple terms on the Seneca Nation Council.

In addition to Armstrong, Matthew Pagels, the current Seneca Nation President, will be the Seneca Party candidate for Treasurer. He has served as President since 2020 and served as Treasurer from 2018-2020. Bethany Johnson will be the candidate for Seneca Nation Clerk.

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Seneca Party members also chose eight candidates for the Seneca Nation Council. The four candidates from the Allegany Territory are incumbent Councilors Tina Abrams and Josh Jimerson, along with former Seneca Nation President Maurice John, Sr., and Odie Porter.

The four Council candidates from the Cattaraugus Territory are Jeff Gill, Geraldine “Bird” Huff, current Seneca Nation Clerk Marta Kettle, and J.C. Seneca.

A total of 38 candidates were on the caucus ballot, including 21 candidates for the eight Council seats. In addition to the executive and Council positions, Seneca Party members also chose candidates for several other Nation offices.

“Our government leaders bear a responsibility to serve the needs and interests of the Seneca people,” said Scott Snyder, the ten-term Seneca Party Chairman. “Seneca Party candidates have honored the responsibility for decades, leading the Seneca Nation on a path of economic strength and growth, and elevating the services our people depend upon, from healthcare and Elders services to education, housing and beyond. Our 2022 candidates are prepared to continue delivering for the Seneca people.”

In the last Seneca Nation election two years ago, the full slate of Seneca Party candidates was elected to office, with Pagels receiving more than twice as many votes as his challenger for President.

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