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Office of Arizona State Senator Jamescita Peshlakai (LD-7)

Access to clean, renewable energy has always been a challenge on the Navajo Nation, and many homes don’t have electricity. Now, Skyhook Solar, provider of innovative easily deployable solar solutions, has partnered with the Cameron Chapter Community and Aspen Global Change Institute to deploy Solar Station Kits to the Navajo Nation, with a goal of providing a solution for families to have resilient and safe lighting and small device charging in their homes. One of the Stations will also be providing free WiFi for students, and four Solar Station Kits distributed around the Community will provide in-home charging capabilities for up to forty families.

"We're pleased to be working with SkyHook Solar to bring renewable energy to the Navajo Nation. These solar stations will be integral in reducing kerosene usage for lighting, and providing our community with a safer, healthier, and more sustainable lighting option," says Jamescita Peshlakai, an Arizona State Senator, and Cameron Chapter Community member. "This initiative will also help our students stay connected and complete remote learning during the COVID Pandemic by providing WiFi and device charging."

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The pilot project between Skyhook Solar and the Navajo Nation, which began in November 2020, is the start to a partnership that will lay the foundation for a future carbon offset program. The project’s objective is focused on offsetting kerosene usage in air travel by providing sustainable Solar Station Kit’s to off-grid communities to target a reduction in kerosene lighting, a major contributor to global carbon dioxide emissions and health risks in communities using kerosene for lighting needs. 

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