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News Release

San Carlos Apache Tribe

The San Carlos Apache Tribe (“Tribe”) announced the results of the Tribe’s 2022 general election yesterday for the positions of Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Council Member for the Seven Mile, Gilson Wash, Peridot and Bylas Districts. The unofficial election results have been accepted and made official by motion of the Council.

Chairman Rambler said, “I promised strong leadership, vision, and values, and once again delivered hope and opportunity. Together, we established the College and the Healthcare Corporation, provided per capita funding for lost opportunities and emergency relief from COVID-19. We created jobs like never before. Over the next four years, I will dedicate every moment to: 

  • Getting the delivery of water promised in 1980 by the Secretary of Interior;
    • Working with the Indian Health Service and the Bureau of Reclamation to ensure sufficient, high-quality water throughout the Reservation.
    • Stopping the proposed Resolution Copper Mine which will have devastating impacts on our cultural and historical places and our water supply.
    • Working with the Healthcare Corporation to build a new Long-Term Skilled Nursing Facility for our elders and those suffering from long-haul symptoms of COVID and other disease, a drug and alcohol treatment center, and a dialysis center.
    • Working with non-governmental organizations to develop affordable housing; and, taking over the electric infrastructure on our Reservation and develop a concentrated solar power plant.
    • Improving public safety by hiring more police officers and cracking down on drug dealers and gangs.
  • And working toward compacting our P.L. 93-638 programs.”

Chairman Rambler continued, “I love my job. I love serving my people. I will continue to be the public servant you can rely upon and to make your voice heard. With deep respect and from the bottom of my heart, thank you for entrusting me with four more years. Together we can make our Tribe stronger, more resilient, and we can overcome challenges we have faced to build a brighter future for our Tribe and our children.” 

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Chairman Rambler received 58.42% of the vote, while his opponent, Bylas District Council Member Jonathan Kitcheyan received 41.58%.

Vice Chairman Tao Etpison also won his third consecutive term, receiving 49.09%, while his opponents, Bylas District Council Member David Nozie, and 7-Mile District Council Member Bernadette Goode, received 19.96% and 30.96% respectively.

For Gilson Wash District, Council Member Simon Harold Hooke also won his third consecutive term with 42.8% against Anthony Joseph Bush, Jr., Eugene Dillon, and Gabriel Deyano Sneezy, who received 29.11%, 10.95% and 17.14% respectively.

For Bylas District, Ned Anderson, Jr., won with 36.61% of the vote, defeating Council Member Allred Pike, Jr. who received 35.42%, while also defeating his competitors, Lelani Mae Olivar and Britton James Preston, who received 24.17% and 3.78% respectively.

For Peridot District, Council Member Valerie Key Cheney won a second consecutive term with 57.45% of the vote, defeating Ross Nelson Dia, Steve Duane, and Dee Randall, who received 20.81%, 4.72% and 17.02% respectively.

Finally, Ina Sue Salter won the vacant 7-Mile District Council seat, receiving 42.73%, and while defeating Duane Ian Goode and Jolene G. Hoffman who received 29.86% and 27.41% respectively.

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