News Release

Lakota People’s Law Project

Chase Iron Eyes, lead counsel for the Lakota People’s Law Project: 

“Today’s outcome isn’t as negative as it may appear for tribes and environmentalists. Even if the oil continues flowing for the moment, the ruling keeps us on the trajectory toward shutting down the pipeline.

Dakota Access Pipeline’s permit remains vacated, and Judge Boasberg has a roadmap for strengthening his injunction per Supreme Court precedent. The appellate court specifically cited a four-part test they expect Judge Boasberg to consider, and there’s no reason to assume he’ll come to a different conclusion after reviewing that. No pipeline should be allowed to operate without proper environmental review.

We believe the law is on our side and that Standing Rock will prevail, even if that outcome isn’t finalized until the next administration is seated.”

The Lakota People's Law Project operates under the 501(c)(3) Romero Institute, a nonprofit law and policy center.

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