News Release

Office of Representative Tom Cole (R-OK-04)

Representative Tom Cole (R-OK-04) released the following statement after the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation that fully funds the government for fiscal year 2019 and strengthens border security. Passed also in the Senate, the appropriations package is the product of bipartisan and bicameral negotiations to responsibly fulfill the remaining 25 percent of annual government funding, address the crisis at the southern border and avoid another partial shutdown.

“While this funding package is not perfect in the eyes of either side, it reflects a good compromise that addresses priorities and concerns that exist on both sides,” said Cole. “No one gets everything they want in divided government, but this agreement gives the American people what they need – certainty for the rest of the fiscal year, enhanced border security and adequate funding for other vital government services.

“If anything is going to get done moving forward, it is going to call for all to negotiate in good faith and to demonstrate a willingness to compromise and actually vote for the final agreement. Certainly, this outcome is better than another shutdown.”