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Region 2 Arts Council

The Region 2 Arts Council is excited to announce their recipient of the 2021 Anishinaabe Arts Initiative Fellowship, awarded to multi-genre artist Karen Goulet. Goulet was selected on April 28, 2021, when the Region 2 Arts Council’s Anishinaabe Arts Initiative (AAI) Council convened to review fellowship applications through the Anishinaabe Arts Initiative program. The Anishinaabe Arts Initiative Fellowship is made possible by the generous support of the McKnight Foundation, and aims to assist the region’s most talented Native American artists in their work by awarding financial support to fund creative time and/or arts experiences. This award is for Native American artists residing in Minnesota’s Beltrami, Clearwater, Hubbard, Mahnomen, Lake of the Woods, Becker, Roseau, Cass, and Itasca counties.

Karen Goulet is a multi-media artist who continuously moves between creative genres. She comes from people who are makers of beauty and possibility, informed by a worldview that has been influenced by culture, complex histories, and personal experiences. Of her work she states, “Color is my muse. Whether I am using paint or thread I pay attention to nuances and energy that a color brings to the artwork. I have progressed my technical skills over the years. I have had to learn the ‘right way’ to do things in order to bend and shape things into my own voice. I make work that honors who I am from as I fill my need to make new visual stories. As a contemporary Indigenous artist I draw inspiration from cultural aesthetics, history, and place. I use techniques and methods that have been passed on to me as well as explore new media that will enhance the voice in my work. The traditional items I make for gifts inspire and help to inform my approach to paint, paper canvas and other materials that I incorporate into my art. I constantly explore what is possible through use of various materials, and I see it as a means to continuing our stories.”

The Region 2 Arts Council Staff and Anishinaabe Arts Initiative Council members would like to thank each of the Anishinaabe Arts Initiative Fellowship applicants and congratulate Karen Goulet as 2021 Anishinaabe Arts Initiative Fellow!

The Region 2 Arts Council Anishinaabe Arts Initiative Fellowship Award is made possible through the generous support of the McKnight Foundation

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