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Yurok Economic Development Corporation

Yurok Tribe’s Economic Development Corporation announces online booking is now available for the Redwood Yurok Canoe Tours. The new business in Klamath, California offers the rare opportunity to experience the Klamath River in a Redwood Dugout Canoe. This adventure is exclusive to Yurok Country, and is not offered anywhere else in the world.

The tour is provided by a Yurok guide narrating the history of the Dugout Redwood Canoe, what Redwoods mean to the Yurok People, and history of the Yurok People as stewards of the land. Redwood canoes where the transportation used for thousands of years traveling from village to village.

Yurok Country is elevating tourism by sharing their cultural heritage and Yurok language.

Pictured: A Yurok group on the Klamath River in Redwood Yurok Canoe Tour)
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“Redwood Yurok Canoe Tours is bridging a generational gap by providing an opportunity for Tribal members to experience traditional canoes as their ancestors once did. Extending this experience to travelers from all over the world is truly amazing,” said Yurok Tribe Chairman Joseph L. James.

The tours will start at the Yurok Visitor Center in Klamath California. Guests will enjoy a two-hour tour ride down the Klamath River, learning environmental and cultural elements along the way. Guests will have an additional option of taking the unparalleled route of paddling or taking the lead as captain.

The first round of canoe tours can now be booked at, Redwood Yurok Canoe Tours will open June of 2020. The first set of tickets available will be for June and July, the following months look to open up by April. Three options of ticket purchasing; 2 hour guided ride, $125, paddling/captain, $150 and for Yurok Tribal members $100 for the 2-hour adventure.

About Redwood Yurok Canoe Tours

Yurok Country invites all to learn about the Yurok People, their culture, and their values. The Yurok Tribe wants to share the sense of walking on water, and feeling the thousands of years in history that are held in these canoes and Redwood trees. 

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