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Pipestem Law

A Santa Fe Magistrate Judge ruled today that Redwolf Pope, a man who posed as a Native American to prey on Indigenous women, shall remain in custody until he faces trial in January 2020 in New Mexico for felony sex crimes. Seattle is also seeking Pope’s extradition to stand trial in King County for charges of rape, kidnap and voyeurism. The following statements from plaintiffs’ counsel at Pipestem Law Mary Kathryn Nagle and from Native advocate and researcher Abigail Echo-Hawk can be quoted in full or in part.

“We are relieved that Magistrate Judge David Segura today announced from the bench that the federal law governing extradition should be upheld and Redwolf Pope should remain in custody until he stands trial in the Santa Fe County Court for the charges brought against him in New Mexico,” said Mary Kathryn Nagle.  

“The decision to keep Redwolf Pope in jail was the right one, but we must ensure he remains there for the rest of his life,” said Abigail Echo-Hawk. “We must ensure the protection of Native women from sexual predators like Pope.”

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Redwolf Pope could be released within 48 hours