Redwolf Pope could be released within 48 hours

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Native advocate urges court to deny release, extradite Pope to Seattle

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A Santa Fe Magistrate judge will decide on October 9 whether to release Redwolf Pope, a man charged with multiple counts of felony sexual crimes. A court hearing is scheduled for 8:00 AM (MDT) on Wednesday to decide whether to release Pope until trial, place him on house arrest, or extradite him to Seattle where he is charged with kidnap, rape, and voyeurism.

“Pope has been charged with multiple, heinous crimes against women,” said Mary Kathryn Nagle, an attorney representing multiple plaintiffs in the case against Pope. “He poses an extreme danger to the community.”

Abigail Echo-Hawk, an advocate for Native women’s rights has written to the District Attorney, urging the Court to deny Pope’s release under any circumstance. Echo-Hawk is the author of Our Bodies, Our Stories: Sexual Assault against Indigenous women in Seattle and co-author of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls: a snapshot of data from 71 urban cities in the United States.

“Pope has created a false identity and posed as a Native man to infiltrate Native communities and prey upon our Indigenous women,” said Echo-Hawk. “It is unconscionable that he would be released from jail under any circumstance or have any freedoms restored. He is a flight risk and a danger to all women.”

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October 7, 2019

To Santa Fe District Attorney Marco Serna,

Native women demand and deserve more. The District Attorney’s Office must take seriously its duty and obligation to protect victims of violent sexual crimes. Redwolf Pope (State of New Mexico v. Redwolf Pope) must be immediately transferred to the Seattle Police Department to face trial in King County for the heinous crimes committed against our Indigenous women.

As an Indigenous sexual assault survivor, I stand with the victims and condemn the acts of one non-Native man who maliciously and deliberately targeted Native people. This man is dangerous, and over the course of many years has infiltrated the Native community, appropriated Native culture and stories, and created a false identity to abuse and assault Native women. He has claimed to be a Native man. He is not Native, as confirmed by the two tribes he has falsely claimed. He has lied about working as an attorney, when he is not recognized by the Bar in any state or with any tribe.

Pope is a deceptive criminal and poses an extreme danger to all women. He must stand trial here in Seattle, where he is charged with kidnap, rape and voyeurism. Additionally, as he awaits extradition to Seattle, Pope must remain behind bars. House arrest or an ankle monitor are insufficient to protect women. He is a flight risk and a threat to the community at large.

There is verifiable video evidence of Pope’s crimes. It is a broken and dangerous system that would allow this man any freedoms. He does not deserve to be released and should never have been granted bail. His victims are traumatized again at the idea that this predator will have restored privileges, access to the internet, and access to the same digital tools he expertly used as weapons for sexual assault.

In 2018, I authored a report on Native women living in Seattle where Pope is additionally accused. We found that 94% of local Native women had been sexually assaulted in their lifetime. Of those who reported their assaults, only 8% saw a conviction of their perpetrator. In a follow up report, we found that New Mexico has the highest rate of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls in the United States. This correlates to high rates of sexual violence, primarily at the hands of non-Native men like Redwolf Pope, who prey on Native women. If released, Pope will be in close proximity to many tribal communities in New Mexico where he has established relationships, putting more women in direct danger. He is an expert criminal, repeating his crimes over many years and in multiple states. The entire New Mexico community should be concerned that Pope could be released with only an ankle monitor.

Working together, we can create a safer culture for women. New Mexico must do the right thing, extradite Redwolf Pope to the Seattle Police Department, hold him accountable for his crimes in New Mexico, and keep him behind bars for the safety of all people, especially Native women.


Abigail Echo-Hawk

Chief Research Officer, Seattle Indian Health Board

Director, Urban Indian Health Institute


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