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News Release

Intertribal Community Council of Texas

The Intertribal Community Council of Texas (ICCT) will hold a Press Conference on Friday, April 26, at 1:00PM at the Urban Inter-Tribal Center of Texas located at 1283 Record Crossing Road, Dallas, TX 75235 to address documented offensive conduct in direct violation of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission laws, by employees of a federally funded non-profit community organization.

Local Native American community members have banded together to hold the Urban Inter-tribal Center of Texas (UITCT) Board of Directors accountable for recent highly disparaging, disrespectful, and degrading remarks verbalized by two administrators. The racist remarks were made by Kendria Taylor, Interim Center Director and Deborah Breshears, Clinic Program Director, during a leadership meeting on April 3 for Urban Inter-tribal Center of Texas administrators, in the presence of Native American employees.

The Intertribal Community Council of Texas sent a letter to the Urban Inter-tribal Center of Texas Trustees, demanding the immediate terminations of the administrators. The correspondence stated, “These leaders of an American Indian health clinic making disrespectful, pejorative, and insulting remarks are UNACCEPTABLE!” Jimmy Stephens, Board President, responded, “We will deal with this swiftly but on the other hand, we will give this the attention it deserves.” 

Keith Pahcheka, Intertribal Community Council of Texas’s spokesman response was, “If this incident had occurred in another minority business or institutional setting, the racially charged remarks by these individuals would be grounds for immediate dismissal.”

To date, no decision has been made. The lack of urgency reflects the current Trustees’ history of non-responsiveness to the vital concerns of the community they serve, tolerance of racist and unethical behavior by the administrators, non-compliance to official Urban Inter-tribal Center of Texas ByLaws by dereliction of responsibilities, and failure to support Native staff member’s grievance.

The Intertribal Community Council of Texas was originally formed in response to financial mismanagement, funds misallocation, and a backlog of annual audits, as a result of the Trustees exercising no fiduciary responsibility. With tribal members being the source and reason for Urban Inter-tribal Center of Texas funding, the Native population has the right to oversight of the center, to demand transparency and accountability.

Founded in 1970, the Urban Inter-tribal Center of Texas is a non-profit community organization providing medical, dental, employment and training, social and cultural services to urban Native Americans. Major funding agencies include the United States Indian Health Service, the United States Department of Labor, Texas State Medicaid Program, and private donations.