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News Release

Office of Arizona State Senator Martin Quezada (LD 29)

Office of Arizona State Representative Athena Salman (LD 26)

Arizona State Senator Martin Quezada and State Representative Athena Salman, working with Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, have introduced a package of pro-democracy bills to expand voting access, streamline election administration and enhance election security. After months of anti-democracy sentiment and false claims of election fraud from the former President and even Arizona Legislators, these bills will expand access to our Democracy for all Arizonans. 

“Voting is at the core of American Democracy and we should be fighting to protect it, not attack it," Senator Quezada said. “While Republicans continue casting doubt onto a free and fair election, our slate of bills aim to expand access to democracy and remove hurdles Republicans have placed in front of voters.”

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"During Black History month, Republicans are dead set on making it harder to participate in an election for any eligible voter they perceive to be not worthy," Representative Salman said. "Elections should be a contest of ideas, not a test of how creatively one side can hold onto power without majority support. Our plan ensures that our government will still depend on the consent of the governed."

“Some of the election bills proposed by Republicans have no intended benefits and create burdens on election officials’ ability to make voting as accessible as possible and make it more difficult for Arizonans to register and vote, added Secretary Hobbs. "Senator Quezada and Representative Salman worked with my office to find ways to reassure voters that elections in Arizona are secure and accurate. This is exactly what SB1667 and HB2797 are designed to do. It’s time to take the lessons we learned and pass reforms that streamline election administration, expand voting rights, and enhance election security.” 

See below for the list of pro-democracy bills that have been introduced:

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