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News Release

All Pueblo Council of Governors

The All Pueblo Council of Governors (APCG), comprised of the 19 pueblos in New Mexico and one pueblo in Texas, along with the Navajo Nation and the Jicarilla Apache Nation, have together spent the latter half of 2021 working to achieve consensus on the reapportionment of New Mexico’s Northwest Quadrant, specifically New Mexico’s State House map. On December 6 we announced a breakthrough for the tribes, nations, and pueblos as we have reached consensus on a State House map, following a series of intertribal consultation sessions. The agreement between the leaders of sovereign tribal nations is considered a monumental achievement and a shining example of nation-to-nation cooperation.

For the past eight months, tribal leaders and their representatives worked together through the Native American Redistricting Work Group (NARWG), to achieve agreement on House, Senate, and Congressional maps. The Native American Redistricting Work Group created a set of “guiding principles” based on a framework designed by the tribes during redistricting activities in 2011. The guiding principles served as building blocks for deliberation and discussion on map designs derived from weekly exchanges. Mapmakers then worked carefully to draw maps that incorporated the “Principles of Redistricting,” and to ensure compliance with the Voting Rights Act.

“This effort reflects not only an understanding of the importance of tribal involvement in the redistricting process, but more importantly, the need to protect our cherished right to vote,” said All Pueblo Council of Governors Chairman Wilfred Herrera Jr. “We’re mindful that the work doesn’t end here. The Pueblo Governors alongside leadership from the Jicarilla Apache Nation and the Navajo Nation will work to ensure that our maps are used to shape and define our interests for the next 10 years.”

“This is an historic achievement that has been months in the making,” said New Mexico House Speaker Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe). “We can confidently say that New Mexico’s tribal voices will be fairly represented in their New Mexico House of Representatives. I want to thank our state’s tribal leaders for getting this critical work done and setting a historic precedent for future generations.”

The coalition of tribal nations has advanced renditions of their maps through the Citizens Redistricting Commission and are now set on integrating their maps into the final House and Senate maps in New Mexico’s special legislative session.

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