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News Release

Navajo Nation - Office of the President & Vice President

On Thursday, Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez was joined by Council Delegate Elmer P. Begay, Winslow Indian Health Care Center, Inc. Board members, and Dilkon Chapter officials as he signed off on a 32-acre land lease to develop housing units for employees of the Dilkon Health Care Center, which is currently under construction in Dilkon, Ariz., located in the southwest portion of the Navajo Nation.

“The Winslow Indian Health Care Center Board, CEO Sally Pete, and the Dilkon Chapter are doing a great job in advancing the completion of the new health care center. Housing for employees is a key component to the overall success of this major initiative. The new land lease will help with the overall goal of expanding health care for thousands of Navajo people that reside in the southwest portion of the Navajo Nation. The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the health care deficiencies and services on the Navajo Nation. With the completion of the Dilkon Medical Center later this year, we will have more medical personnel and more resources to help close the gap on existing health care disparities. I appreciate the support of the board, Dilkon Chapter, Council Delegate Elmer Begay, the Resources and Development Committee, and many others,” said President Nez.

In May 2019, President Nez also signed a letter to Indian Health Service authorizing Winslow Indian Health Care Center, Inc. to complete the design and construction of the new Dilkon Medical Center, under a Title V construction project agreement with IHS. Construction of the new facility began in June 2019 and is scheduled to be completed by December 2021, according to a letter from Winslow Indian Health Care Center. Inc. CEO Sally Pete. 

“The exemplary collaboration demonstrates what can be accomplished when we work together. I commend Winslow Indian Health Care Center, Inc. for always being forthcoming with updates and for always looking to develop partnerships to benefit our Navajo people. During this COVID-19 pandemic, Winslow Indian Health Care Center, Inc. is also going out into the communities they serve to provide our people with the opportunity to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. We thank all of the entities involved in this effort,” said Vice President Myron Lizer.

Construction of 64 staff quarter units began in October 2020 on the main site of the health care facility. The new 20-year lease will allow for the construction of 45 additional units on 32-acres of land on an adjacent site located north of the health care facility.

Council Delegate Elmer Begay sponsored the legislation for the land lease, which was passed by the 24th Navajo Nation Council’s Resources and Development Committee on February 10, 2021. 

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