Poeh Cultural Center launches Facebook artist support site

Pictured: Poeh Cultural Center.(Photo: Poeh Cultural Center)

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Facebook group established to support Native Artists during global coronavirus pandemic

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Poeh Cultural Center

In the spirit of hope and interconnection, the Poeh Cultural Center is calling out to Native American artists and buyers to join its Native Artist Market Place Group Page on Facebook. The page will serve as a direct contact between Native Artists and people who are interested in promoting creativity through Native American arts. “The Poeh Cultural Center established this Facebook group to support Native Artists during this global pandemic. We hope to encourage the continued creation of Native Arts,” said Karl Duncan, Executive Director of the Poeh Cultural Center. Selling is open to Native American artists working in any media, and nearly 900 artists from several different tribes already have already joined the group. 

The Poeh also is offering a series of online short small business tutorials for Native American artists to  start or improve their small businesses, Native artists emergency grants, and also will assist artists in completing relief grants during this crisis. Once the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided, the Poeh will continue offering its face to face traditional Native American arts classes in jewelry, pottery, weaving, embroidery and sewing.

In addition, the annual Poeh Summer Arts Market which features over 100 Native artists will be  postponed but will now be free to participating artists. For additional information contact Karl Duncan (505) 803-0212, kduncan@pojoaque.org.  




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