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News Release

Pawnee Nation

The Pawnee Nation recently declared a War on Trauma. This is a historic Call to Action for a government-wide campaign to address traumatic social ills within the Pawnee Nation, and their underlying causes that lead to depression, fear, self-harm, addiction, dysfunction, and suicide.

The Pawnee Nasharo (Chief) Council and the Pawnee Business Council have enacted resolutions to create the Pawnee Scout Taskforce (PST) to coordinate the government-wide effort to eradicate trauma and empower self-worth. The Pawnee Nation will be the first tribal nation to create a Trauma Informed Government, with leadership and staff trained in Trauma Informed Best Practices. The PST is made up of professionals working in trauma, community peer advocates, social services, and law enforcement, as well as collaborating with Federal & local partners.

The Pawnee Nation is also in process of updating its current law and order codes to address trauma by way of psychological harm, such as stalking and cyberbullying, as well as providing additional trauma-informed best practice training to Pawnee Tribal Justices and Judges.

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The Pawnee Business Council and Nasharo Council are committed to taking proactive steps to ensure the well-being of all Pawnee Citizens. The Pawnee Nation challenges all tribal nations to join it in learning and creating trauma-informed best practices to address employee and community mental health. The Pawnee Nation’s War on Trauma is in the planning stage and the campaign will be formally rolled out in the near future.

Contact Executive Director, Jenifer Gover LittleSun at 918.762.3621 or for more information.  

About the Pawnee Scouts 1864 – 1877

The Pawnee Scouts served at the front lines, fighting enemy tribes. Although the scouts wore the blue uniform of the U.S. Cavalry, they never ceased to be Pawnee. They were known for their discipline, bravery, fearlessness, and no-retreat mentality. The Pawnee Scouts were embedded in their Pawnee martial traditions and culture. Their warfare was based on stealth and surprise and was so effective that the Pawnee Scout’s commanding officers did little to discourage their methods. Because of their bravery, thousands of lives were saved.

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