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News Release

Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition, Inc.

Yesterday, the Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition, Inc. released a paper entitled, "Native Children's Savings Initiatives in the United States."

This publication focuses on providing important information related to the benefits of children's savings initiatives for American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian youth. It also addresses the major challenges related to both designing effective Children's Savings Account (CSA) initiatives, and obtaining the resources needed to implement Children's Savings Account initiatives that seek to serve Native youth, families, and communities. Additionally, the publication provides a historical timeline for Native Children's Savings Account initiatives in the United States, and provides details about past and current Children's Savings Account programs serving Native youth, in hopes of raising awareness of the many programmatic innovations established to date.   

Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition, Inc is grateful to a long list of contributors that are listed in the acknowledgement section of the paper. The paper was published with the support of the Wells Fargo Foundation. 

Here is a link to the paper:

Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition, Inc. logo, ONAC

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