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News Release

One Country Project

One Country Project co-founder Heidi Heitkamp issued the following statement after the release of the August jobs report:

“The August jobs report confirms our worst fears about America’s economic recovery in the COVID-19 era: furloughs and temporary layoffs have become permanent, hiring is slowing, and job losses continue to mount as financial support for struggling businesses dries up,” said One Country Project co-founder Heidi Heitkamp. “Last month the economy regained 1.4 million jobs – less than the number of people who filed for unemployment in just the first week of September. Total unemployment remains shockingly high at 14.2 percent, which includes those marginally attached to the workforce – those who would work more if they could, but are unable to find adequate opportunities for work.

“While President Trump hits the back nine at his golf courses and brags about the stock market, nearly 46 million Americans have had their emergency savings wiped out since the pandemic struck and total worker unemployment claims since the March have totaled nearly 60 million. I would like to ask the president what he thinks stock market performance means to the average teacher, mechanic, or nurse in rural America. I don’t think he’s got a clue how normal people are feeling right now, or the enormous financial strain his continued mismanagement of the coronavirus is placing on American families, businesses, and communities.”

About One Country Project

The One Country Project is working to promote greater opportunities for rural communities and ensure leaders earn support from rural Americans. One Country is reengaging with the American Heartland, serving as a clearinghouse of research and information for rural Americans, and working to ensure leaders regain trust by fighting for these communities. To learn more, visit the website,

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