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News Release

Office of Hawaiian Affairs

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) is deeply disappointed that a bill that would allow Native Hawaiians to develop housing in Kakaʻako Makai appears to be dead. We are saddened that Native Hawaiians were robbed of an opportunity to have their voices heard in a single hearing in the House of Representatives.

Nevertheless, we remain steadfast. We understand that the pursuit of justice and self-determination for Native Hawaiians continues to be a challenge. We will now turn our attention to finishing our planning efforts.

We hope that our progress over the next year will demonstrate that a Native Hawaiian vision for Kakaʻako Makai is something that the entire state will support. We look forward to coming back to the Legislature again next year to continue the discussion of allowing Native Hawaiians to build housing on our lands.

Office of Hawaiian Affairs thanks our friends in the Senate for providing Native Hawaiians with a fair chance to make our case. In addition, we thank our growing number of supporters within the Native Hawaiian community and the broader public.

For more information on Office of Hawaiian Affairs’s future development of its commercial properties in Kakaʻako Makai please visit

About the Office of Hawaiian Affairs

Established by the state Constitutional Convention in 1978, Office of Hawaiian Affairs is a semi-autonomous state agency mandated to better the conditions of Native Hawaiians. Guided by a board of nine publicly elected trustees, Office of Hawaiian Affairs fulfills its mandate through advocacy, research, community engagement, land management and the funding of community programs. Learn more at

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