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Buu Nygren for Navajo Nation President 

"During the last two days, Mrs. Montoya and I and our campaign designated Poll Watchers as allowed by the Navajo Board of Election Supervisors' recount resolution to ensure the integrity of the recount process. Reports from our designated Navajo Nation Voter Recount Observers have raised troubling concerns for the overall integrity and security of the Diné people's vote. The Navajo Election Administration's lack of transparency on the recount process and their lack of a detailed security plan that would ensure the protection and proper handling of the Diné people's vote-ballot call into question the very integrity that Mrs. Montoya and I called for in our recent statement.

"Sadly, the discovery of 36 ballots from the Chilchinbeto Chapter that were not accounted for, never opened, and never counted underscores the need for transparency and detailed plans that show, step by step, the security measures that will be followed by the designated Navajo Election Administration officials and staff. Along with Mrs. Montaya and our campaign, I call on the Navajo Nation Election Administration and its board of supervisors to take the necessary actions that must protect our Diné people's vote as we prepare for the General Election on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. Nothing less will be accepted," said Dr. Buu Nygren.

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