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News Release

Save California Salmon

Yesterday Yurok Youth, Repoy and K’nek’nek Lowry from the Trinidad Elementary Water Protectors, and Save California Salmon, were able to meet and ask questions of Secretary of Interior Deb Halaand on the local climate crisis and the state of the salmon on the Klamath and Trinity Rivers.

Repoy and K’nek’nek are working with Save California Salmon as part of their Youth Water Protector Media Makers Project, which is part of the Advocacy and Water Protection in Native California Curriculum project. The curriculum was developed by SCS, the Blue Lake Rancheria and Humboldt Counties’ Pathmakers Project and the Yurok Tribe Visitor Center.

Ten-year-old Repoy Lowry explained why he decided to ask the Secretary of Interior about the North Coast rivers. “I felt like I was doing something important for my community, the fish, and the earth”, Reply explained

K'nek'nek' Lowry said it was very exciting to meet the first Native American Secretary of Interior, “It was so intense. My mind was racing, but I said the right things. It turned out beautiful!”

“After it was over with, it was exciting. She is the first Native American woman in her position. I feel like things will take a turn for the better, and now she knows about our issues, and they matter to youth, and she can help!”  

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