No Peeking Theatre presents INDIGENOUS; A discussion of the Native Experience

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INDIGENOUS, runs June 8th-10th at 8:00 PM, at the Rushmore Building in Jersey City, NJ

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“I could not be more proud and more passionate to present this compilation of written works. This has been in development for almost a year, but all good things come to us with time. ”

-Amanda Levie, founder of No Peeking Theatre

INDIGENOUS is a compilation of stories, poems, songs, and narratives that discuss the Indigenous Experience. Following suit of previous shows like BLACKOUT and In Lak’ Ech, the show sets out to invoke a hard discussion by confronting issues through the vein of genuine experience. From blood quantum, stereotypes, and identity, to rituals, songs, and poems, INDIGENOUS implores the audience to absorb some of the most authentic, beautiful, uncomfortable, ugly truths about who and what “America” really is.

Derived and retold from first hand accounts to third person research on case studies, INDIGENOUS delves into understanding respecting and exploring the experiences, truths, and culture with several viewpoints of and by Indigenous People. This showcase is part of No Peeking Theatre’s mission to create a platform for underrepresented populations to have their inspirational and important stories told within the homogeneous world of theatre. No Peeking attempts to break that barrier with every show they produce encouraging diversity in every facet of production from design to acting to directing.

In addition to the showcased works, No Peeking Theatre is donating a portion of ticket sales to Indian Country Today an online educational news platform run for, of, and by Native People.

INDIGENOUS, runs June 8th-10th at 8:00 PM, at the Rushmore Building: 17 Division Street Jersey City NJ 07302


Written By Kristina Acevedo, Luane Acevedo, Cynthya Blandino, Tureygua Inaru, Autumn Silvas, David Lee Herring, Tara Moses, Carla Bell, Josh Allamon, and Gabriel Cummings

Live Cast: Don Pflaster, Bryan Murray, Claire Unabia, Liliane Wolf, Georgia Jenkins, and Dale Davidson

Recorded Cast: Drew Woodson, Mowie Juacalla, and Gabriel Cummings.

Directed By Amanda Levie

Designed By: Joe Velez, Megan Bandelt, and Jennel Pruneda

INDIGENOUS shows: Friday-Sunday, June 8-10th

For more information or to purchase tickets visit:

The Rushmore: 17 Division St. , Jersey City, NJ 07302

*No Peeking Theatre strives to create accessibility for people with disabilities. The entire show is meant to be experienced without the use of sight and prioritizes its choice in venues by presenting in wheelchair, walker, and cane accessible buildings and providing adequate accommodating seating for additional assistance. Our staff also provides assistance upon request before and after the show, and during intermissions*


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