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One Country Project

One Country Project (OCP) released a new fact sheet highlighting the educational attainment gap in rural America. The fact sheet illustrates how the Trump administration’s policies are ill-fit to address the unique challenges faced by rural educators and how educational disparities have lifelong consequences for rural residents and their communities.

“Rural communities are just as deserving of a world-class education as metropolitan ones,” said One Country Project board member and Alabama House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels. “Earning an education is not about getting a framed diploma – it is about economic mobility; it is about giving rural Americans the same shot at earning a living as our suburban neighbors.

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“As an educator, I am all too familiar with how the lack of an education can shut doors to rural Americans that would otherwise be open. It’s time the Trump Administration reject its myopic education policy that focuses on slashing education funding and increasing charter waivers and start giving serious thought to meeting the unique challenges of education in rural America head-on.”

Get a closer look at the fact sheet here.

Pictured: One Country fact sheet: Gap in rural education needs action now.

Pictured: One Country fact sheet: Gap in rural education needs action now.

About One Country Project

The One Country Project is working to promote greater opportunities for rural communities and ensure leaders earn support from rural Americans. One Country is reengaging with the American Heartland, serving as a clearinghouse of research and information for rural Americans, and working to ensure leaders regain trust by fighting for these communities. To learn more, visit the website,