New monthly social for Southern California urban Native women in San Diego!

Weaver of Dreams, Ina Pearch c. 1914 -- Kathryn Wild's grandmother.Photo courtesy: Kathryn Wild, PhD

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San Diego monthly Sunday social begins January 6, 2019 at The Living Room coffeehouse

Event Announcement

Kathryn Wild, PhD

"Ina Pearch was my grandmother, a California Indian sent to boarding school in Arizona.

She ultimately became an urban Indian, and thus am I.

This is an invitation for SoCal URBAN INDIAN WOMEN to gather for coffee at:

The Living Room (coffeehouse), 5900 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego

We will gather on First Sunday of each month at 11:00, beginning January 6 of the New Year.

Bring your attitude!

Kathryn Dancingcloud Wild #karuk-wintun-hupa"

Kathryn can be contacted through her website:


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