New executive position for Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc. to help manage growth

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Dr. Beverlee J. McClure has been named as Director of Special Projects

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Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc and Indian Pueblo Cultural Center Group

The Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc. (IPMI) and Indian Pueblo Cultural Center (IPCC) group is pleased to announce that Beverlee J. McClure has been named as Director of Special Projects.

Beverlee J. McClure. Photo courtesy: Caitlin Cano (IPCCMarketing)

“We are experiencing dynamic expansion and Beverlee is the perfect match for this newly created executive position. Her experience managing large-scale, multi-faceted projects is precisely what IPMI and IPCC need to facilitate the full scope of plans and available opportunities,” says Mike Canfield, President & CEO. “As part of our leadership team, she will help us reach the next level.”

McClure recently returned to New Mexico after serving as the first female president of Adams State University. Prior to leaving New Mexico, McClure was the president and CEO of the New Mexico Association of Commerce and Industry (ACI). Prior to that, she served as New Mexico’s first cabinet secretary of higher education.

“It is great to be back in New Mexico and to be a part of a thriving organization like the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center,” says McClure. “I look forward to joining the strong leadership team to help grow the organization and serve our constituents.”

Dr. McClure first came to New Mexico as the first female president of Clovis Community College, and holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, and a Doctorate in Educational Administration from the University of Texas, Austin.

About Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.

Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc. (IPMI) was founded by the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico to provide economic opportunities for Pueblo and Native American artists, as well as employment and career development opportunities for Pueblo people. IPMI is a for-profit umbrella that includes a premier Native American arts store and website, an award-winning Native American restaurant, the largest Starbucks in New Mexico, the top-rated Holiday Inn Express in Albuquerque, and other properties that support our Pueblo culture and communities.

About the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

Founded in 1976 by the 19 Pueblo Indian Tribes of New Mexico, the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is a world-class museum and cultural center located in the historic Albuquerque Indian School District. The IPCC’s mission is to preserve and perpetuate Pueblo culture and to advance understanding by presenting with dignity and respect the accomplishments and evolving history of the Pueblo people of New Mexico.

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About the Albuquerque Indian School District

The AISD Community is a self-sustaining, globally recognized cultural and business corridor that was established to create economic development opportunities for the 19 pueblos of New Mexico.


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