NDN Collective launches on Indigenous Peoples Day

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NDN Collective

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The NDN Collective, a national organization dedicated to building Indigenous power, launches on Indigenous Peoples Day, Monday, October 8.

Five subsidiary organizations comprise the NDN Collective. The NDN Foundation, NDN Fund, NDN Partners, NDN Action, and NDN Action Network, are each designed to work in tandem to carry out the NDN Collective mission and philosophy to “Defend. Develop. Decolonize.”

“We are excited to be launching a national organization dedicated to building Indigenous power,” says Nick Tilsen, founder, president, and CEO of the NDN Collective. “NDN is going to challenge the status quo and knock down doors that have been closed on our people.” Tilsen is also the former Executive Director of Thunder Valley CDC, a grassroots community development corporation creating systems change on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

“For too long philanthropy has given Indigenous People bread crumbs to do our work. We don’t accept that anymore,” says Tilsen. “We need to be resourced in a way that gives us an opportunity to be architects of our future. NDN is building infrastructure for a growing movement of Indigenous People to make that happen.”

The NDN Collective website (www.ndncollective.org) will also launch on Indigenous Peoples Day, with feature stories, articles or columns to be updated weekly, and the While Indigenous podcast. While Indigenous is a solutions podcast, devoted to elevating stories of action, organizing, and movement throughout Indian Country. Episode 1 of While Indigenous features an interview with founder, president, and CEO, Nick Tilsen, and Episode 2 highlights Indigenous Peoples Day celebrations, proclamations, and ongoing organizing throughout the U.S.

“Telling our own stories, and unapologetically, is foundational to narrative change and Indigenous self-determination,” says Sarah Sunshine Manning, communications director for the NDN Collective. Manning is also host of the While Indigenous podcast.


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