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Navajo Transitional Energy Company

Navajo Transitional Energy Company (NTEC) will kick-off its annual Community Heating Resource Program (CHRP), which provides free coal to all 110 Navajo Chapters on October 28. Since 2017, Navajo Transitional Energy Company has provided over 15,000 tons of coal to help keep Navajo families warm during the winter months.

“Navajo Transitional Energy Company’s core value is to do the right thing. Part of doing the right thing is providing for our shareholder. Coal continues to be a critical heating resource for many Navajo families and we are happy to be able to offer it free of charge to help the elderly, children and families stay warm this winter,” said Navajo Transitional Energy Company CEO Clark Moseley.  

The CHRP program is administered through Navajo chapters. A community member interested in receiving coal can contact their chapter to receive a coal ticket. One coal ticket equals one ton of free coal from the Navajo Mine, located on the Navajo Nation, south of Farmington, New Mexico.  

Chapters can either ask for tickets to distribute to their community members or can receive coal in bulk. Individuals are loaded one ton of coal, bulk pickups will vary depending on the needs of the chapter. To ensure safety, Navajo Mine personnel will load the coal onto the vehicles for participants—reducing strain on the elderly and adhering to social distancing protocol. Participants must travel to Navajo Mine, in northwest New Mexico, Wednesday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm to receive the coal. Saturdays will follow Navajo Nation Public Health Orders for the first weekend we will not be open October 31, 2020, consult the Bisti Fuels Hotline at (505) 258-7782 for any changes. 

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CHRP is entering its second year providing free coal to the entire Navajo Nation. Since its inception to 2018, Navajo Mine provided coal to the chapters surrounding the mine site. Seeing an extreme need for heating resources across the Nation, Navajo Transitional Energy Company expanded the program in 2019.

“Navajo Transitional Energy Company and BISTI Fuels implemented a contactless program to address this pandemic and to keep our employees and visitors safe when they come to Navajo Mine to their receive coal. Our ultimate goal is to assist as many Navajo chapters and communities as we can in a responsible manner,” said Cortasha Upshaw, Navajo Transitional Energy Company Community Affairs Coordinator.   

Chapters wishing to participate can contact Cortasha Upshaw at (505) 278-8637 or Bisti Fuels Hotline at (505) 258-7782

About Navajo Transitional Energy Company

Navajo Transitional Energy Company (NTEC) is an autonomous single member limited liability company, organized under the laws of the Navajo Nation, that owns mines in Montana, New Mexico, and Wyoming. The mission of Navajo Transitional Energy Company is to be a reliable, safe producer of coal, while diversifying the Navajo Nation’s energy resources to create economic sustainability for the Nation and the Navajo people. Navajo Transitional Energy Company’s sole shareholder is the Navajo Nation.

Navajo Transitional Energy Company is a recognized leader in safety and reclamation, having been awarded the Sentinels of Safety award from the National Mining Association, the Good Neighbor Award from the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement and the 2019 Excellence in Reclamation award by the New Mexico Mining Association. For more information about Navajo Transitional Energy Company, visit 

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